About the game

Conquiztador (derived from conquistador + quiz) is an intelligent online game with strategy elements, created under the impression of the game of the same name, written by the Hungarian developer Attila Bihari in 2002.


Game fights are very diverse:

By number of players:
  • TRIO — 3 players.
  • DUO — 2 players (duel).
By type of player:
  • Public — players are randomly selected.
  • Private — play with friends.

You can connect bots in any type of game. In the public game they are connected automatically by timeout, in the private game bots can be connected manually by clicking on the icon .

By duration:
  • Fast - Capture, then Battle 4 rounds.
  • Long - Capture, then Battle 12 rounds.

For a limited amount of time, players answer questions from different areas of knowledge. There are two types of questions: to choose an answer and so-called Quiz question, where the answer is necessarily a number. Depending on the speed and accuracy of the answers, they get points and the opportunity to "conquer" parts of the game territory.

The goal of the game is to capture as many territories as possible and thus earn as many points as possible. The winner of the game will be the one who scores the most points. However, if you lose your main base (the territory from which you started the game), then the game ends for you anyway.